Thursday, August 04, 2005

(Later-than-last post:) I win! Also, Powerblogs is the new place.

A big thank you to Howard Bashman for choosing my entry in his contest to find the dumbest possible question to ask nominee Roberts at his confirmation hearings. I'm a winner! Or a loser! Depending on how you look at it!

A reminder that my new blog address is still, and so please change your bookmarks/RSS feeds/ blogrolls/ names of your children to reflect this change.

And yes, I know Powerblogs sometimes acts weird and won't load; I'm looking into the problem, but trying again in five minutes should do it.

Howard's contest winner announcement is here, and my victory speech is here. Also, Chris is right: Righties should just Get Over It Already About the Gayness. We're not heterosexist, you are, and it's Not Our Problem if you see evil intentions behind every Bush, er, bush.

Thanks for the memories,

Eh N. (see you over at the new site at powerblogs!)


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