Saturday, July 16, 2005

Index: get your index here!

Hey, sports fans. (Yes, that's my favorite cheerful form of address.)

I wanted to take the opportunity to point out a link you may not have spotted, down the right hand side of my blawg. Right under the words "Previous Posts" there's a link to My Index. It's reverse-chronological; unlike the monthly archives or this main page or the Previous Posts list, the Index has all of my (now 35) posts in one place. It also has a short parenthetical description or commentary for each one. If you wanted to find one particular post, you could try using the Blogger or Google searches, or hope you could find it using guess-and-check. Or, you could just check the index, and scroll on down.

At this time the index has only one post, the chronological list. At some point I may also collect my posts by category or type, and create additional posts at the Index. In that event, I will bump up the main list itself so it will always show up first.


At 2:25 PM, July 16, 2005, Blogger shell said...

Stumbled onto it yesterday (or was it a day before). Smart way to categorize (esp. since Blogger doesn't provide such an user-friendly archive-index tool).

At 12:36 AM, July 17, 2005, Blogger Mike said...

You have a good blog here, iow, it'll survive the brutal blogospheric jungle. Blogger sucks: make the switch to TypePad or PowerBlogs.

At 9:51 AM, July 18, 2005, Blogger Eh Nonymous said...

shell, mike:

thanks for your kind words. I liked the categorization concept, saw it well-executed on Kip's blawg and Jeremy's weblog among other places. Also I admire the Volokh Conspiracy's threading; when the more recent post pops up at the bottom of the old, archived post, you know you have a well-working tool.

Avoiding the errors and shortcomings of newspapers and newsletters, while avoiding some of the pernicious failings of web pages (failure to update, dead links, etc., etc.) is one of my goals.

additionally, thanks again for the recommendation, mike: I'm reluctant to jump into a pay system, but I will investigate TypePad and PowerBlogs further. Until I own my own domain name, I prefer to be hosted somewhere free or cheap. And I won't go shelling out money for a domain name until I'm positive this hobby has stuck.

Thanks for commenting.

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