Saturday, July 09, 2005

Placeholder 2: Things to write about in time

Sneak peek! Inside view! Behind the scenes! Background information! A look ahead!

Placeholder Post 2: Post topics I'll be working on in the comings weeks and months.

  • adoption by homosexual, lesbian, multiple married persons. I'm in favor of families, against child abuse, and appalled by arguments over gay/lesbian/etc. parenting that fail to return to the primary rule of all child protection and custody and support law: the best interests of the child are paramount. If you want to sample my views before I articulate them, consult Loving v. Virginia (and the Massachusetts gay marriage decision, Goodridge v. Dep't. of Public Health), Lawrence and Garner v. Texas (not to be mistakenly called Lawrence v. Garner, as so many, including me, do) and two novels by Robert Heinlein: Friday, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (containing positive depictions of group marriage and line marriage respectively).

  • bad opinions, bad outcomes, bad rules. Wickard, Raich, and certain rules regarding juries, like the one barring juror testimony except about the presence of extraneous prejudicial influence on a jury.

  • Scalia, of course. Megapost is in the process of slow assembly. Includes such criticism as accusations of fair-weather federalism, and fair-weather textualism

  • class, power and money. taxation. property. how law is made, and for whom.

  • grand unifying theories. Of what? Well, wait and see.

  • stuff i'm a fan of: paradigms as meme (or memes as paradigm); topology as a concept; puns as artform; sociolinguistics in practice.

  • evidence-based medicine, and why we see so little EB practice in law.

Expressions of particular interest of, or of outright antagonism toward, or utter incomprehension regarding any of these topics, or any other, will probably spur writing on said topic. So leave a comment, and have a say in what you see.


At 3:15 AM, July 11, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

Whilst I'm eagering awaiting the discussion of aforementioned topics, I'm especially enthralled by your interest in Evidence-Based medicine (since I have no clue what it means). Would you please explain (however briefly) how does EB medicine differ from (all) others and what exactly is a EB law?

BTW, do you have any meme you find helpful for any of the 1L topics?

At 5:17 PM, July 11, 2005, Blogger Eh Nonymous said...

Memes of use for "the 1L topics?" Maybe you should just email me directly at unused and unusable (alloneword) at gmail dot com, if you've got a properly anonymous email account you can use. Uh, if you don't, post a comment and we'll work out a way to give you (anonymously) a free gmail account, so you will have one.

Evidence-based medicine is the basis for improvement of the practice of medicine in the world today. It looks like it, doesn't it? Instead of doing what you think works... keep track of what you do, and what others do. Careful attention. Make up a theory. Test it against the facts, shown by the records you've kept. Do regression if necessary. Prove your answer. Prove it wrong if possible. Submit it for checking by peers. In essence, make medicine a science as much as an art, if not more. EBL would be the correlary, to the extent one could exist, for law. In some areas, people are already working on it: law & economics is one that comes to mind; I know of people working on it for patent and other IP law as well; I've seen it discussed in the mediation and dispute resolution context also.

DB's medical rants blog, try googling "medrants," has an extensive series of posts on evidence-based medicine.

At 11:21 PM, July 11, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

Thanks. I'm quite interested in health law and EB medicine/law is something that might be useful to know sooner or later.

I just sent you a test e-mail. Did you receive it? (It's a bloglines account).


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