Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hot or Not 3: Antiblogs

Thanks to a pointer by HB at HA (you're just going to have to get with the program; if I had to type out "Howard Bashman's appellate blawg site How Appealing hosted by LegalAffairs" every time I wanted to refer to it, I'd turn blue), my current interest is:


Self-explanatory once you've grokked what a blog is, anti-blogs are the natural antithesis.

The one Howard was pointing to was the anti-SCOTUSblog (as opposed to an Anti-SCOTUS blog, which as he suggested would necessarily blog about the Anti-Supreme Court, were there one. Kinda like the shadow government) and seems to be a conservative reaction against the decision at the venerable SCOTUS blog to blog directly on the likelihood and merits of possible supreme court candidates at the Supreme Court Nomination Blog.

Said antiblawg (a blog that's anti- a blawg, being the natural definition) has a link to the Anti-Becker-Posner blog - I'm not linking to the original, you can just google "posner" and it's up there.

Speaking of which, someone remind me: what's the word for when a single term produces your desired site as the first result? I noticed it a long time ago for cnn and onion (which became theonion as the mobile site grew in popularity; try it yourself), and then nytimes and then nyt and then washingtonpost and then post. The fewer keystrokes to my goal, the better, I always say. But what's the word for a first-result hit from a short search term, so that hitting "I'm Feeling Lucky" gets you right there?

Back to the topic!

Anti-blogs other than blawgs:

Huffington's Toast, "Not Affiliated With Arianna Huffington or The HuffingtonPost" - not that you'd be confused if you spent more than five seconds looking at it. Started early on with biting parodies of instapundit, ann althouse, and of course some of the more inane contributors and contributions of the Real HuffingtonPost. Not recommended if you dislike salty language or over-the-top humor.

BoringBoring, an equal and opposite reaction to BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow's site. Not, I think, a going concern, but a cute idea.

Whitehouse dot org, which is not even slightly like the original, and isn't a blog, but does deserve special mention as one of the most "anti-" sites ever. Not to be confused with whitehouse dot com, which I gathered was soon bought up by the pornography interests. Not that you won't be offended in all likelihood if you visit the Dot Org; strong stuff there, likely not safe for work, and extremely unsafe for conservatives or those who support the administration.

Put interesting ones in the comments, and I'll put them here in an update.


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