Saturday, June 11, 2005

Very Necessary

Is there such a thing as an essential link? Blogger thinks Google news is. Blawgers think Howard's How Appealing is - thus its preeminent spot among my chosen links on the sidebar. Or "Blogroll" if you prefer it that way.

How about Particularly Checkworthy links? Those that, for whatever reason, are worth memorizing/ memorializing; the good ones.

Sites that update frequently and have a lot of posters- that is, these are group blogs:

  • the Volokh conspiracy, also prominently on the blogroll. Orin Kerr, Eugene Volokh, Randy Barnett, and other lawyers and lawprofs of high esteem, varying conservatism or federalist slant, and quite high readability. I certainly don't agree with everything posted there, and a few things make me annoyed, but it's one of the top blawgs around that doesn't focus on a single theme.
  • Language Log. Run by Mark Liberman et al., linguists writing to a professional and lay audience. Published out of the fictional Language Log Plaza, a beehive of incisive and timely linguistic research into the common and the abstruse. Fun fact: it's #3 on the google search results for the word "Log." A favorite link because of my addiction to linguistics and languages. Regularly updated, and it has a list of greatest hits that's well worth delving down into. (This last sentence was purposely not written with parallel construction.)
  • Goldstein Howe's SCOTUS blog isn't something you need to check every day- unless you're waiting for that big Supreme Court case to come down, and can't wait until Howard or the AP gets on the ball. After all, they might go to the bathroom or pause for lunch, and then what good is constantly hitting refresh?

  • I don't know, Crescat Sententia? Huffington's Post? Somehow they're not essential.

What about single-blogger blogs and blawgs?

  • Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground, f/k/a (formerly known as, not a reference to "f/k/a. . . " the home of EthicalEsq) Notes from the Legal Underground (a Dostoyevsky reference). For a long while Evan's site was so funny, so cutting, and so new that it was a must-check on a daily basis for a law student out to find the funniest legal news and commentary. Howard would cover the funny cases, but Evan would have the best satire and parody. Alas, Evan has changed with the times, after some soul searching you can read in his archives.

What's essential? Who do you check on a daily basis, for fear that if you don't, you'll have missed important news?

Post them in comments, and I'll note them in an update.


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